Phuket, is your food clean and healthy? Here's what we know that you don't!

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Let’s be honest! For the past decades, we all have been more and more poisoned and weakened by the overwhelming food-processing industry. Therefore, having a healthy diet has become harder and harder.

Despite all this, major part of a healthy lifestyle is your food consumption which contributes to strengthening your immune system and therefore your general health. If you eat well, it definitely has a positive impact on your system. Question is: what’s in your food?

According to a 2017 report by the non-profit Thailand Pesticide Alert Network (Thai-PAN), over 60% of popular Thai fruits and vegetables sold at supermarkets and wet markets were unsafe to eat because they were laced with pesticides like paraquat and glyphosate (highly toxic common weed killer).

Two years later, in 2019, Thai-PAN found that 41% of 15 other popular vegetables and nine kinds of Thai fruit contained toxic chemical residues above the accepted level for safety.

So, Phuket Farmers Club could be the healthiest addition to your lifestyle this year.

It's a simple way for you to connect with the local community’s finest natural production.

What the studies say?

A Large Meta-analysis published in 2014 in the British journal of nutrition found that organic crops have substantially higher concentration of a range of antioxidants and other potentially beneficial compounds. That review included data from more than 300 studies.

Results showed, for instance, that organic crops have 50% more anthocyanins and flavonols compared with conventional crops. Consumption of these compounds is linked to a variety of benefits including anti-inflammatory effects or protecting cells from damage which can help fend off disease.

Why? Everything comes down to stress. Organic crops tend to be exposed to higher levels of stress — including insect attacks. And in response, they form compound to help fight it. If it's a conventionally grown crop, pesticide can be applied to repel the pest.

While we highlighted these studies to show how organic food is beneficial to your health, there are also numerous studies on how pesticides are harming your health and the environment.

What we can do for you!

This is why sourcing is one step towards partnership with local growers, but first we have to verify if their working methods meet our strict requirements; it means taking the time to go to each site and make sure they grow their products naturally with no use of chemicals.

Only that way we can build a trustworthy relationship and propose their fresh products (fruits, vegetables, honey etc.) to our healthy customers. The same process applies for all our retail products: they are made with local ingredients and are Eco-friendly.

These are among the reasons why experiencing our service is convenient, reliable and time saving! We even spare you more time by delivering baskets to your home with our farm to table approach.

Over the past 4 years, hundreds of families and individuals have been fulfilled by our fresh baskets and were comforted to consume local fresh produce brought to their doorstep!

If you’re interested in feeding yourself and/or your family with healthy quality products, now is the best moment to start ordering from us.

High season is ending and our community has restrained MEMBERSHIP spots for service quality purpose. If you’re an expat or a seasonal traveler, we suggest you to contact us today before we full house for the next cycle.

Every week we collect what we need from them according to our customers orders (most of our products come from Phuket or its area, some from Chiang Mai area. Nothing is imported

Retail products are stored in a dry place and fruits and vegetables in the fridge for a maximum time of 15/20h before delivery in order to guarantee freshness. We use Eco-friendly bags for delivery and we empty them on arrival so we can take them back and recycle :)

To be part of this hearty adventure, you just have to leave us a message right now on our