Juicy fresh basket

Juicy fresh basket

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This fresh basket includes:

  • Local yellow mango (1kg)
  • Local beetroot (500gr.)
  • Local passion Fruit (500gr.)
  • Local pineapple (1 fruit)
  • Local baby cucumber (500gr.)
  • Local lime (500gr.)
  • Local wild banana (1 hand)
  • Local ripe papaya (1 fruit)
  • Local baby carrot (500gr.)
  • Local cherry tomato (400gr.)


You are not really into cooking or you just fancy a change? Drink you fruits and veggies for an easy healthy treat!

With this juicy basket you will get 4 recipes (see list below) and enough fruits and veggies to make easily at home more than 20 glasses. 2 juices per day combined with a careful diet and lifestyle will help strengthening your im-mune system while losing extra weight (25cl for one juice and those quantities can always be slightly amended according to your taste).

For a greater pleasure, make sure you store your fruits, veggies and water in the fridge before use. Moreover, even though most fruits already contain sugar, add-ing a dash of natural sweetener such as honey can make them easier to drink. It all depends on oneself; health has to match with pleasure!