Extra virgin coconut oil (240ml)

Extra virgin coconut oil (240ml)

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  • Ingredients

Cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, 100% organic. Non-chemical substances and no preservatives added.


  • Benefits

Health: 1-2 tablespoons before meals to help digestion.

Mouth and teeth: Use as oil-pulling 5-10 minutes and spit out.

Skin moisturizer: Apply on body.

Face: Use as a make up remover and face treatment.

Hair: Massage and wait 15-30 minutes before washing.

Food and bakery essence.


  • Storage

Store up to 2 years at room temperature in a dark and dry place. Coconut oil is a solid fat when below 25 degrees Celsius. It can quickly be liquefied by applying a low level heat.

    240 Milliliters
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