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“Sharing is caring”, is the main reason why we organize visits and workshops in our organic gardens. There, we can offer an immersive nature related experience and a meaningful spot for knowledge sharing.

Kids and grown-ups discover hands-on with fun many sustainable gardening techniques and other important "DIY knowledge”. “How to plant seeds”, “how to create a planting bed”, “how to make compost” and “how to make bread” are just some of the many workshops we organize.

Working with kids has always been a major step on our path to become a learning center. That is why we collaborate with many schools to initiate garden workshops and programs.


The PFC team can help your school to:

  • Set up an organic garden to grow food and other medicinal plants directly at the school.

  • Organize garden workshops for the students, the teachers and the parents.

  • Design a tailor-made program with all the information in hands for the teachers to discover a mind-opening activity with the students.

  • Train the school staff to manage green areas and kitchen wastes and turn them into natural fertilizer and pesticide avoiding the need for synthetized ones.

Team work, task management and sense of responsibility are part of the many skills children can happily enhance in the garden.


Learning center

Garden visits, workshops and collaboration with schools.