PFC Garden experiments

Pineapples are truly amazing plants... They grow as a spiky bush with in its center a flower that will take a year to blossom and become the delicious fruit we know. 😲 We are now experimenting how to grow lemon trees in concrete rings. It's a widespread technique in Thailand for citrus trees allowing a better management of the water and nutrients supply. We will keep you informed of our results. 🤓 Look at the size of our organic cucumbers!! After 2 years of experimentation we have finally found one variety matching with the tough climate of Phuket. 😎 We wish you all a wonderful weekend 😊

We keep growing!

Thank you to "Latitudes" magazine for publishing an article about our project and activities in Phuket! We keep moving forward 💪

QSI school iron chefs contest

Today we have the pleasure to be part of the QSI school iron chefs contest where the kids of many schools compete to prepare the best dish! Come to see us here to know more about our project and activities. You can become member of the Phuket Farmers Club and buy our delicious retail items such as our homemade jam, free-range eggs, smoked meat and much more!

We need your help to grow faster!

Our crowdfunding campaign is finally online! We need your support to expand our project and promote a more sustainable lifestyle for all. We want to collect a minimum of 10,000$ in 2 months to be able to upgrade our organic garden into a beautiful learning center and also buy a second-hand pickup car to transport heavy material and deliver more fresh baskets to our members. We are aware that not all of you can help us financially, but what you all can do is to spread the word about us and our campaign. Please make some big noise for us! Thanks a lot for your help, we are counting on you! 😊 Click here to see our crowdfunding campaign.

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